Tucker Adamson

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I am amazed at how fast life passes us by, how each subtle moment moves away. I try to help capture that moment with my drawings, whether it is a child's smile, a favorite pet, or just that special time that a simple photograph can't fully translate. Several years ago I began with pet portraits, as my two children at the time were my dogs, and found that these are "children" and the drawings will always be the perfect reminder of that friend. But about four years ago I had my first child and realized how fast they change and how I always wanted to remember that perfect photo. Yet I found that "translating" them into pencil drawings gave them a timeless quality. In all my work I want a real person, not the posed portrait but the favorite toy (whether it is a tennis ball or baby doll) and the smirk that just makes their voice sound through. My hopes are that in time as the physical form changes, that my drawing will always be the perfect tribute to that instant.

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